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Town - £732.00

For members residing within 50 miles of Hyde Park corner

Out of Town - From £456.00

For members residing more than 50 miles from Hyde Park Corner
Country - £612.00
Overseas - £456.00

Junior Graduate - From £262.00

May join before her 26th birthday for a single payment with no required Joining Fee. If she joins for the first time from her 26th birthday onwards, the Joining Fee will apply, and the subscription rate will raise each year until she reaches full Membership at the age of 30.

Age Groups - From 60% of appropriate Membership Category

Age 26: 60% of appropriate Membership Category
Age 27: 70% of appropriate Membership Category
Age 28: 80% of appropriate Membership Category
Age 29: 90% of appropriate Membership Category

Senior - £540.00

Available to members aged 65 or over and who have completed a minimum of fifteen years membership at normal fee rates. Applications for Senior Membership should be received one month before the subscription renewal date.

J7 Membership - £412.00

Need to have attended HMC or a GSA school and be in her final year or have left school within previous 18 months. It covers until January following members 25th Birthday. Applications must be signed by Headmistress or Headmaster. No Joining Fee Required.