history and heritage cover photoThe UWC Book Club is one of the Club’s most popular regular events. For the last five years it has been attended by members of varying ages, work commitments and outlook. What we all have in common, however, is a passion for books.

We meet in the library once a month to discuss titles that have ranged from modern fiction by Elena Ferrante and Julian Barnes, to the classics of Jane Austen and Gustave Flaubert.
After an hour or so of lively debate, we adjourn to the dining room and have club supper together. There, over a glass or two of wine, we tie up loose ends, choose new titles, or just catch up with news from old friends.

So why don’t you join us? Not every book will turn out to be a riveting read. But at some point, you will encounter a chapter, a paragraph, or even just a phrase, that will make you pause for a moment and reflect. Comparing views about what we read not only helps to have a better understanding of the book but also a better understanding of ourselves.