Dear Members,

The UWC Book Club – the Zoom Factor

Nothing can beat sitting comfortably in the Club Library with a group of members who have become friends to discuss a book that each has been reading over the last month. Knowing that a delicious supper cooked by Cathy is waiting downstairs for us.

Yet in spite of the Lockdown, the Book Club has been thriving and has prompted more interest than ever – thanks to the Zoom factor. With tremendous support from Simona and Alex, we have been holding virtual meetings. Those who have attended say it means a lot to interact with other members during this period of isolation.

The Zoom Book Club takes place on the third Thursday of the month at 6-45pm. Every member is welcome – wherever you are. You will have to make your own supper but you can be guaranteed a friendly atmosphere and a lively discussion. For further information contact Jeanne Langley at

I have attached below the new Reading List  which takes us from September through December 2020. (The Book Club traditionally takes a summer break in August.)

A few words about the September book. Since we have two months instead of one in which to read the September book, I always try to put the longer book suggestions in this slot. So this September we have The Levant Trilogy by Olivia Manning. It consists of three volumes, but don’t panic. The three together total a mere 576 pages. Please also don’t get confused with another trilogy by Manning called The Balkan Trilogy. This was a prequel, which is much longer and it’s not necessary to have read that first.

Reading list July-Dec 20 

Happy reading!

With all my best wishes,