Membership Types

Town Member
A Member living within 50 miles of Hyde Park Corner.

Country Member
A Member living within the United Kingdom, not less than 50 miles from Hyde Park Corner (includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

Overseas Member
A Member who is resident outside the United Kingdom.

Student Member
An undergraduate student following a degree course full-time at any University in the United Kingdom; valid until one month following the date of graduation.

Junior Graduate Member
Any graduate who joins before the age of 30.

Dining Member
A woman with qualifications for membership who may use the Club facilities, except those of residence, for a period of up to six months, without voting rights.

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What does it cost?

Subscriptions and entrance fees for 2014-2015 from 1st January 2014 are as follows. New Members are not required to pay the subscription and  entrance fee until their acceptance as a Member has been confirmed.

Membership Category Subscription inc VAT Notes
Town £625.00 Within 50 miles of Hyde Park Corner
Country £529.00 Includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
Overseas £385.00
Junior Graduate (to age 26) £225.00 A single payment to cover both the subscription and entrance fee.
Junior Graduate
(between ages 26 and 29)
Graduates joining after age 26 also pay the Entrance Fee.
  Age 26 £376.00
  Age 27 £437.00
  Age 28 £502.00
  Age 29 £563.00
Student £117.00 A student studying full-time for their first degree in the UK. Entrance Fee does not apply.
Dining £105.00 per quarter Short-term non-residential membership, available for three months and a maximum of six monthly only.
Corporate 1 £7,350.00 A commercial or professional organization in the UK who may sponsor 10 non-elected members.
Corporate 2 £4,650.00 A non-commercial or charitable organization who may sponsor 10 non-elected members.
Entrance Fee £150 A single payment on joining.

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The Young Members’ Scheme

A female pupil of a GSA/HMC school who has been nominated by her Principal is welcome to apply as a Young Member on leaving school or for 18 months thereafter. The subscription is a single payment of £249.00, which provides membership up to the January following the member’s 25th birthday. Please ask your Principal for an application form.

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