The Club Kitchen will close from Monday 10th August to Tuesday 1st September 2015.
Saturday Brunch will not be taking place for the remaining Saturday’s throughout July. 
Thursday Evening Cocktails in The Mirror Bar every Thursday 6pm-8pm

Membership Types

Town Member
A Member living within 50 miles of Hyde Park Corner.

Country Member
A Member living within the United Kingdom, not less than 50 miles from Hyde Park Corner (includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

Overseas Member
A Member who is resident outside the United Kingdom.

Student Member
An undergraduate student following a degree course full-time at any University in the United Kingdom; valid until one month following the date of graduation.

Junior Graduate Member
Any graduate who joins before the age of 30.

Dining Member
A woman with qualifications for membership who may use the Club facilities, except those of residence, for a period of up to six months, without voting rights.

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What does it cost?

Subscriptions and entrance fees for 2014-2015 from 1st January 2014 are as follows. New Members are not required to pay the subscription and  entrance fee until their acceptance as a Member has been confirmed.

Membership Category Subscription inc VAT Notes
Town £625.00 Within 50 miles of Hyde Park Corner
Country £529.00 Includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
Overseas £385.00
Junior Graduate (to age 26) £225.00 A single payment to cover both the subscription and entrance fee.
Junior Graduate
(between ages 26 and 29)
Graduates joining after age 26 also pay the Entrance Fee.
  Age 26 £376.00
  Age 27 £437.00
  Age 28 £502.00
  Age 29 £563.00
Student £117.00 A student studying full-time for their first degree in the UK. Entrance Fee does not apply.
Dining £105.00 per quarter Short-term non-residential membership, available for three months and a maximum of six monthly only.
Corporate 1 £7,350.00 A commercial or professional organization in the UK who may sponsor 10 non-elected members.
Corporate 2 £4,650.00 A non-commercial or charitable organization who may sponsor 10 non-elected members.
Entrance Fee £150 A single payment on joining.

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The Young Members’ Scheme

A female pupil of a GSA/HMC school who has been nominated by her Principal is welcome to apply as a Young Member on leaving school or for 18 months thereafter. The subscription is a single payment of £249.00, which provides membership up to the January following the member’s 25th birthday. Please ask your Principal for an application form.

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