Thursday Evening Cocktails in The Mirror Bar every Thursday 6pm-8pm
Chairman’s Lunch with Tracy Borman – 11th March 11am
Chairman’s Reception 10th March at 7pm
Dining In with Debi Steven of Action Breaks Silence – 3rd March 7pm
Book Club on 19th February at 7pm – The Bell Jar

How to Apply

How to apply

Prospective members are asked to complete the University Women’s Club application form.

Applicants are normally required to be proposed and seconded by two current members. However, even if you do not know a member you are still welcome to apply. In this case, you will be invited to see the premises and to meet some of the members informally. If you are applying for membership as an Overseas Member, you may submit two letters of reference from people who know you in a professional or academic capacity.

Completed application forms are posted in the Clubhouse for 14 days and elections are held quarterly. The Membership Secretary will advise you of the outcome of your application.

Please do not send any money with your application. Membership commences on the first of the month following election. This is when subscriptions and entrance fees are payable.

UK applicants pay an entrance fee and pro rata portion of their annual subscription. Thereafter subscriptions will fall due on 1 January annually, to be paid by Direct Debit in either a single payment or two equal instalments on 1 January and 1 July.

Overseas applicants pay the entrance fee and annual subscription to provide one year’s membership: subscriptions are then renewed annually on the anniversary of joining.

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